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Mother Nature

The Rocks District of Milton-Freewater is a very unique location with its own little climate (and of course 75 feet of basalt rock). It sits in a the low spot of the Walla Walla wine valley. While our vineyard is at the very east corner of The Rocks District, we are also closer to the Blue Mountain foothills. Cold air flows downhill (like s

New Syrah vine in the Walla Walla wine area
Rocks District Syrah

h*t) causing us to get freezing temperatures in the spring. On April 11th and 12th temperatures went as low as 26 degrees. We have a frost protection fan that helps raise the temperature about 4-6 degrees by mixing the warmer temperature aloft with the cold temperature at the ground. Unfortunately, we had some frost damage on newly sprouted buds. Fortunately, we're not expecting fruit this year since it's the second year of the vines. Buds will still form and most of the vines should survive. Part of this fun journey at Ducleaux Cellars.

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